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Business process automation 


Workflow is a view or representation of real work. It is the definition, execution and automation of business processes where tasks, information or documents are passed from one participant to another for action, according to a set of procedural rules.

An online retailer ABC need work flow application to serve their customer and process their daily orders. The customer submits order(s) for products online, then the company verifies the address and billing information at their end, upon success, they initiate the transfer of product request to sales section, the sale section finally deliver the product(s), however if there is/are problem(s) in the process, then the appropriate customer and concern support officer is informed about the activity.

Workflow components: A workflow can usually be described using formal or informal flow diagramming techniques, showing directed flows between processing steps. Single processing steps or components of a workflow can basically be defined by three parameters:

  1. Inputs (the information, material and energy required to complete the step)
  2. Rules (rules which may be carried out by people or machines, or both)
  3. Output (the information, material and energy produced by the step) Functional Requirements: 1. Only authorized users can use/access the process. 2. The process should display list of company products. 3. Ability to gather order information from customer.
  4. Have document attachment feature.
  5. Notification emails.
  6. Process orders at company end.


You can use share point or K2 for the workflow application. Following are the necessary

tools: –

 Share Point 2010/2013 OR SharePoint Online/Office 365.  SharePoint Designer 2010/2013.

 Visual Studio 2010/2012 with SharePoint extension.

 SharePoint management shell.

 K2 Black Pearl.

 K2 designer.

 K2 Studio.

 Microsoft outlook.


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