is a massive Worldwide webshop that offers novels, audio, film, goods, appliances, gadgets, and a wide range of other things either directly or as a middleman between other retailers and’s customers worldwide. Its Web services segment, known as “cloud computing,” rents out data storage and processing power over the Internet.

There are roughly five sorts of freelancers in great demand on the FreeeUp Marketplace, as well as the top three all seem to be Amazon-related.

Here’s the rundown:

Amazon Experts US and Non-US

Amazon Mid-level Non-US

PPC on Amazon

Shopify Expert

Web Developers– based in the United States

Although many first-time entrepreneurs believe it is more cost-effective to handle everything themselves, many startups make the error of not employing a freelancer. Continue reading to discover ten ways an Amazon freelancer can assist you.

Customer Services

Customer service is undeniably important to your Amazon store’s success. Consumers today are demanding, and catering to this aspect of your business can easily consume all of your time and effort. Maintaining a professional demeanor necessitates focus and support, which is why hiring a top-tier Amazon customer service representative is a wise business decision.

All customer inquiries will be managed and responded to by an Amazon customer care specialist, ensuring that your customers are satisfied with their purchase. In addition, an Amazon freelancer may manage your live chat functionality and communicate with consumers during your busiest times of the day.

An Amazon freelancer may also take care of all customer phone conversations, ensuring that your customers feel valued and return for more. A customer care professional from Amazon can assist you in expanding your customer support operations as well as creating onboarding guides for future Amazon freelancers.

Product Listings

When it comes to Amazon listing problems, it’s advisable to hire freelancers who specialize in this area. Experts like these can be found on sites like FreeeUp. Amazon product listing freelancers can assist you in listing your products on any online platform. Hiring product listing freelancers may also help you in improving rankings across several platforms if you need content improvements on your listing for SEO purposes.

Product Sourcing

An Amazon product sourcing expert can assist you in locating new things to sell. An Amazon freelancer will collaborate with you to develop a strategy for finding new products for your company’s niche that will help it grow.

A freelance Amazon product sourcing consultant can assist you in locating products from other countries that can be offered in your local country to boost profit margins. In addition, an Amazon freelancer can assist you in locating new products that are popular, trending, and have a good possibility of selling well in your online store in the country where you’re selling.

Graphic Design

Logos, 3D pictures, product packaging, and much more can be created by a graphic design freelancer. A graphic designer freelancer may create original content and banners for your advertising campaigns on Facebook, Google, or any other platform. An infographic showing how your company operates, how a specific procedure works that you wish to teach, or any other topic you have in mind can be created by a graphic design specialist.

Amazon Vendor Central

Hiring a freelancer who specializes in vendor central can help you sell your product samples to Amazon. An Amazon vendor central expert can assist you with developing a game plan, getting your account up and running, and setting yourself up for future success.

A vendor central expert can set up FBA shipping for all of your products and engage with Amazon to ensure that everything is clear and precise when it comes to delivery. A vendor central expert can also help you design your initial Amazon Marketplace product listings that are geared for SEO, keywords, and sales.

Amazon Merch

If you’re looking to expand your business to the Merch platform, a Merch assistant can help you submit a Merch request to be invited to become a Merch vendor. An Amazon Merch expert can develop your product listings following Amazon SEO best practices. Then you may hire an Amazon freelancer to help you create T-shirts and other merchandise to sell on Merch.

Video and Photography

Searching for an Amazon freelancer who specializes in video and photography can assist in the creation of high-quality product films and photographs that adhere to Amazon’s guidelines. Your success depends on your ability to project a professional online image. Hiring a freelancer with experience in this industry will help your business flourish, from headshots to product photos to videos.

Amazon PPC

Searching for an Amazon PPC professional can help you scale your Amazon advertising. An Amazon PPC expert will get your advertising running for your store and products when you hire a freelancer from a reputable marketplace like If you already have Amazon PPC ads running, hiring an Amazon PPC professional will help you take them to the next level.

Amazon Consultant

An Amazon consultant can assist you in doing a business audit and developing strategic plans. They can also assist with inventory control. An Amazon freelancer can assist with inventory changes or additions, as well as the removal of ASINs that have not sold in years.

Amazon Case Resolution

Concerns such as lost inventory, broken products, or stuff that is in the warehouse but not live due to pricing issues might develop when inventory piles up and/or flies off the shelves. Not only may this be irritating, but it can also lead to financial losses.

An Amazon freelancer can assist you in lowering product turns, allowing your company to grow faster and with more capital. Additionally, an Amazon freelancer can assist you in converting damaged products into reimbursements, allowing you to increase your Amazon account balance.


 In today’s internet world, hiring an Amazon freelancer to work for your Amazon store is a great way to help your business grow.

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