Project Domain/Category

Web Application

Abstract / Introduction

This is web based application which provides facility to users in curing their disease by giving the list
of fruits and herbs that the user should consume in order to get rid of their disease.

This system helps the user to reduce his/her searching time to a great extent by allowing the user to enter his/her health
problem and search accordingly.

The admin can add fruits and herbs in the system and their associated information. This system also allows the user to view the selected fruit or the herb’s
description which describes how the fruit or the herb will help to improve the user’s health.

This system also allows users to place orders, which will add things to their shopping cart and allow them to pay for them. The user will be able to pay their bill using debit/credit cards or cash on delivery.

The system also has a module that allows the user to search for hospitals by entering the name of the ailment.

Functional Requirements:

  1. Procedure for admins and users to register and log in.
  2. Registration requests will be managed by the administrator (Accept/Reject).
  3. The website’s information will be managed by the administrator (Add/Delete/Update).
  4. In the system, the administrator will create categories for fruits and herbs, as well as descriptions for each.
  5. The administrator will include hospital information that is relevant to diseases.
  6. The registered user will place an order for fruits and herbs that are good for his or her health, based on any health concern or disease that he or she is experiencing.
  7. The registered user will be able to search for hospitals by entering the name of the ailment.

Tools: C#, .Net and SQL Server, PHP, MySql, and Dreamweaver

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