Web Based Network Performance Analyzer 

Project Domain / Category

Web Application 

Abstract / Introduction:

Traffic analysis is an important area in network monitoring and performance

analysis. It helps network administrators to understand network usage, efficiency,

and services performance and rank users, nodes, links, services and devices. There

are numerous tools available that helps to analyze the network traffic captured in

form of pcap or trace files in case of simulated environments.

This project focuses on developing a web based software application to analyze

traffic data from heterogeneous sources in popular formats like .pcap, trace or log

files. Application needs to extract all fields and values and store them in some

suitable format   to be used for further analysis. It will be able to scan the individual

packets, nodes, flows across multiple files. The aim is to generate reports having

graphical and tabular summaries with drill down capability that shows various

aspects based on computations on input data e.g. 1. Network Performance analysis often needs to measure latency or end to end

delay, jitter, packet loss,  throughput , overhead to data  ratio, request or

transaction completion time. 2. Network utilization analysis includes link utilization, node utilization in terms

of data Erlang and percentage of relevant capacities and efficiency of nodes,

links etc. The projects require supporting a modular architecture and must be capable to

allow writing plugins for computations and graphical analysis. There are various

approaches to develop such application like python, C/C++ or Java. Python has

advantage in terms of availability of various tools/libs for data analysis and

graphical analysis. Students are free to choose their way. The application will have

a backend database to allow saving analysis results, reports for future access.

However, no traffic data should be used on this database. The source files can be

stored on local or network locations or streaming and application should be able to

process these flies. The application will have common built-in calculations methods for, delay, jitter,

throughput, packet loss, flow completion time, detection of traffic of interest and

events. E.g. the start of a TCP session could be observed with analysis of TCP message

exchange. In addition to this application provides support to provide custom

relationships to define new metrics for performance analysis.

Functional Requirements:

Some of the functional requirements are:

  1. Modular Web application Framework 2. Import or Data input in pcap, json and txt formats 3. Built in Performance analysis metrics 4. Built in utilization analysis metrics 5. Custom Metric Definition 6. Analysis interface 7. Report generation 8. Plugin Addition


Students are free to use programming language and environment of their interest.  Typical tools would be: Languages: Python, C/C++, PHP/ASP, JAVA, Database: MYSQL /MSSQL IDE: Eclipse/ Visual Studio, Styles: Bootstrap

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