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VIVA Scheduling of final year project students is a hectic task for Final Year Project supervisors. During each semester, the project supervisor must supervise many students and to manually manage the VIVA scheduling task for every student is very repetitive and tiresome task due to challenges faced by the supervisor. One of the challenges is that there are hundreds of study centers across the country which include both VU Owned as well as Private Campuses. As per rule, the student is not allowed to appear for VIVA from private campus. In such situation, the student is asked to appear for VIVA at nearest VU Owned Campus.  Currently, this process of finding the nearby VIVA station is being manually performed by the supervisors by calculating the distance from student’s study center to the nearby VU owned campus from the Google Map and then the nearest campus is assigned to the student to appear for VIVA. This takes a lot of time. Secondly, each student must be sent an email to notify him/her about the VIVA date and time. This is also done manually, and which is prone to many unwanted issues such as conflicts in VIVA schedule of students. We aim to overcome these challenges by developing a system which will automate the VIVA scheduling and VIVA notification tasks.  

Users of the Proposed System Project Supervisors 

Functional Requirements: 1. The supervisor will enter the Group ID, Student ID as well as the student’s current study center by looking at his/her profile. Then, the system will provide the supervisor a functionality to search the nearest VIVA station (VU owned campus) based on the VU center which will be given by the supervisor.  2. The nearby VIVA station will be selected from the database which will contain the nearest campus for each private campus. The system will provide the supervisor an admin interface from which the supervisor will be able to maintain the data for each study center (private campus) and the neighboring VIVA station, their addresses along with their distances from the respective study center. You can locate all the VU campuses including both VU Owned as well as Private Campuses from the link below:

3. By using the admin interface, the supervisor will be able to add/update or delete the information about any campus. 4. If the study center selected by the supervisor is already a VU Owned campus, then in that case, the same study center will be selected as the VIVA station for that student. However, if the student is an overseas student, then the VIVA station should be selected as Home. For overseas students, OPKST code is used as study center. 5. After searching the nearest VIVA station, the supervisor will select the date and time from a calendar to schedule the VIVA. 6. One of the key features of our proposed system is a VIVA notifier through Email.  7. Based on the information available, the system will generate the contents of an email for the student by using the template shown in Figure 1. The contents of the email will be customizable and will be specific to each student containing his/her name, viva station and the date/time. The template of the email can be like the one given below. The system will use this template from a file and will automatically replace the values given in blue font with the information provided to the system. Figure 1: VIVA Scheduling Email Template8. After replacing the required fields in the email template, the system should be able to show a preview of the generated email so that the supervisor can proofread it before sending the email. 9. The system will allow the supervisor to send an email at the student’s email address to notify him/her about her VIVA. The system will also send a copy of the generated email at the email address of the VIVA station selected by the system. However, in case if the student is an overseas student then only, he/she will receive the email as there is no VIVA station in this situation. 10. The system must ensure that the VIVA of no student is scheduled twice by mistake. Moreover, the student must be able to detect the VIVA date/time conflicts for more than one student. To ensure this, the system will maintain the history of already scheduled VIVAs in a database. This history will be checked each time before scheduling the VIVA of a new student.  11. It is possible that that VIVA of a student is required to be rescheduled because of his absence due to any reason. In such case, the supervisor gives one last chance to the student to appear for VIVA. In such case, it is important that the system maintains the VIVA scheduling history of that student and uses an email template as shown in Figure 2 to send a VIVA reschedule email to the student Figure 2: VIVA Rescheduling Email Template Batch VIVA Scheduling and Email Sending 12. The system must also support the functionality for batch email scheduling and email sending. To use this feature, the supervisor will upload a file to the system containing the student ID and study center in each row. The proposed system will read the student ID and his/her study center of each student from that file one by one to find out the nearest VIVA station.  13. The supervisor will then select the start date/time and duration for each VIVA. 14. The system will automatically calculate the date/time for each student by using the start date/time as well as VIVA duration.  15. The supervisor can also select how many VIVAs he intends to conduct in each day. The number of VIVAs to be conducted may be more than the number of VIVA, the supervisor intends to conduct in a day. So, the system will schedule the VIVAs accordingly so that it stretches across more than one working days.  16. After scheduling the VIVA date/time for each student, the system will send an email to each student as well as his designated VIVA station one by one.17. As proposed before, we will maintain the record of scheduled VIVAs in the database for VIVA for future use.  

Note: You are required to read the proposal very carefully to understand the requirements of this project. If you face any confusion, you can feel free to ask me through Skype. But make sure that before selecting the project, you are fully clear about the requirements of this project to avoid any inconvenience later. Moreover, you must make sure that you must use only one of the given two languages to develop this system. For using any other language/tools, you must ask for the permission first.  

Tools and Languages:  C#, Java, SQL, MySQL 

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