Virtual Student Assistant (Mobile App) 

Project Domain / Category

Android Mobile app 


Virtual student assistant is personal aide for students, keeping the routine organized with this app. Students can easily remember their next assignment/test/quiz etc. and which lectures/topics to study for their upcoming exams. Student can keep track of their assignments, classes, notes etc. Virtual student assistant will remind students about the upcoming test/quiz etc., calculate GPA accordingly, chart the progress throughout. The calendar view permits the students to see a monthly calendar with all the assignments/tests/quizzes etc. in every course.  The menus include; agenda, calendar, notes, progress, upcoming assignments/test etc. There are evaluation types i.e., assignments or homework, quiz, GDB or any discussion marks, presentation (if any) etc. students can rename the evaluation accordingly.

Functional Requirements:

  1. Customized menus
  2. Weighted grades and evaluation types
  3. Predict grades
  4. Google calendar sync
  5. Google Drive sync
  6. Password protection


Android development IDE Example: Eclipse, Xml


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