Virtual Library for VU

Project Domain / Category Virtual Library

 Web based Database Application


This software project is a Virtual Library with all the basic as well as some innovative features for managing a library. It consists of a large database of various books required by students in various subjects of their study program. It also provides the facility of delivering recommended books and handouts in hard-copy to respective students. The system keeps track of all the books readily available. The system also handles books database of every department of Virtual University of Pakistan. If the student needs a book, she/he can initiate the request for home delivery by just filling an online form. In case of cancellation of online order after certain time period, this system will calculate fine depending on the order amount and number of days. This fine will be added in their fee voucher. Users:  Administrator, Faculty Members, Students, Guest

Functional Requirements:

 Admin login: The system will be under sole control of the admin. Admin can add or remove books from the system and also maintains records of the book available in the library. The admin can even update the books details if required.

 User login: User has to first create an account in the system to gain access. User can explore and search for the books he wants. He can place order for the books.

 Tracking the user record: The system can track the user activity (search history, downloaded books, delivery orders etc.) on Virtual Library.

 Quantity Update- The quantity is updated by the system depending on the quantity available and ordered.

  Alerts: The system will have facility of alerts;

  1. Stock Alerts: This system will generate alerts for administrator when quantity of any particular falls below certain threshold value.
  2. Availability Alert: This system will generate alert to any user whenever his/her required book is arrived/available in Library.
  3. Dispatch Alerts: User will receive an alert whenever his/her order is dispatched.

 View Order information: The system will maintain record of all the orders placed by users. Users can view their order records as well.

 Online search and order form: The user may order the book online. The system provides a search option where user can order online.

 Online payment: User can make payment via various online methods.

 Fine calculation: If the user has placed an order and later cancelled it, system automatically calculates the fine that the user has to pay for subsequent days

.  Database Connectivity: The application will be connected to a database at backend which will store all the information about registered users and available books in the repository.

Tools & Language:

SQL Server, Visual Studio, Any language of your choice

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