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The war between Russia and Ukraine is becoming more complex with every passing day. Now the Russian Army is trying to encircle Bakhmut which is an important city in Eastern Ukraine. The Russian Army is trying to capture the whole city but the Ukrainian army is trying to defend it. The city has been turned into ruins after the continuous war between the two countries. The remaining civilians in the city have no access to gas and electricity. Reznikov said “Bakhmut is a symbolic place for Russians” due to which they are trying to capture this city.

Background of the battle:

In 2014, a war was fought between the Ukrainian Army and the separatist Donetsk People’s Republic. Russia supported the separatists. After all, the Special Forces of Ukraine succeeded in defeating separatists. But Russia put its influence in this region by motivating and supporting separatists. Russia wants to occupy Bakhmut to take control of the grand city of Donbas. Donbas is an industrialized area due to coal mining. It plays a key role in the economy of Ukraine.

The claim of the Wagner group:

The Wagner group is considered the most critical warlords group in the Bakhmat battle. It is a paramilitary organization in Russia that includes thousands of mercenaries. These mercenaries along with the Russian Army are fighting against the Ukrainian army. Recently, the chief of the Wagner group, Prigozin, said,

           “ Everything east of Bakhmutov River is completely under the control of  Wagner”

Ukrainian president admires women on International women’s day:

On International Women’s day, Ukrainian president, Zelnsky honored Ukrainian women to work for defending their motherland. His words for women are,

“ We thank our women who are fighting, caring, working for peace for Ukraine, for the protection of our lives, our freedom, our people”

President Zelensky awarded medals to women at the end of the ceremony at Mariinsky Palace.

Final Words:

The war between Russia and Ukraine is becoming more complex with every passing day. Russia with its power and strength wants to occupy Ukraine but Ukraine is determined to defend it. When the Russian military attacked Ukraine, it seemed that they would occupy the whole of Ukraine within a week, but due to the determination of president Zelensky and the Ukrainians Russia could not succeed yet. The end of this war is unpredictable even though it may affect the peace of the whole world. Therefore, the world should make efforts to stop this war. Countries like the USA, UK, China, and Turkey should try to stop this war. The problems between the two countries should be solved through negotiations. War is not the solution to any problem.

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