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Turkish elections. Is Erdogan coming for another term?

Turkey is running under President Erdogan for the last two decades. The elections held this year in Turkey came up with complex results. In fact, both presidential candidates, Erdogan and Kamal, could not get 50% of the votes. President Erdogan got 49% votes while Kamal got 44% votes. Although the votes of some overseas Turkish are not counted their inclusion can not make any candidate secure 50% of votes.  The rightist part of Erdogan made an alliance with the nationalist part and holds the office till now. A nationalist leader, Sinan Ogan got 5,17% votes.


After the election of 2018, Turkey transformed from a parliamentary system to a presidential system. Tayyib Erdogan became the president of Turkey. Although he could not get an absolute majority he formed a coalition with Nationalist Movement Party. Erdogan transformed Turkey during his reign.

Fall in Erdogan’s popularity:

Erdogan leads Turkey in difficult times. He contributes a lot to the progress of his country. So why do Turkish people love Erdogan? He is in the office for the last two decades. He strengthened the foreign policy of Turkey.

Campaigning in Turkey's pivotal elections ends, voting nears | FOX 56 News

Erdogan is not as popular in this election as he was before. In fact, the earthquake in Turkey influenced a lot in Turkish elections. The people are saying that the policies of Erdogan’s government were not satisfactory in Turkish elections. So, the popularity of Erdogan decreased due to the earthquake. Erdogn’s Government is also being criticized for its economic policies. Now Turkey is facing serious economic issues.

Who is Kamaal Kilicdaroglu?

Kamaa is the presidential candidate of Turkey. He is an economist and former civil servant in Turkey. He is the chairman of the Republic People’s Party.  He was born on December 1948. Kamaal’s forefathers belong to a Sufi Irani family who migrated to Anatolia during the Seljuk empire. He got his education from the Ankara Academy of Economics and Commercial Science. He is also known as Gandhi Kamaal. HE is serving as a member of the Parliament of Turkey since 2002. He was also nominated as the mayor of Istanbul by his party but in vain.

Importance of Elections:

This year’s election has great importance than previous elections. Lausanne’s agreement with Turkey is going to end this year. Hundred years of the agreement have been completed. Now Turkey will get more trade freedom. The institution of the Caliphate may also be revived but it is much more difficult. Now Turkey can collect taxes on its harbors. So, the new government will introduce new policies after the end of the Lausanne agreement.

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