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The Bloody Conflict: The Devastating Civil War in Sudan with Heavy Weapons Claiming Dozens of Lives:

"A bloody conflict in Sudan"

In the capital of Sudan, Khartum there has risen a strong military conflict between the military and the paramilitary group RSF. This clash started on 15 April and continues till now. In fact, it is a conflict for gaining power and leadership of the country. The military wants to keep the country under its control while the political parties want to restore the democratic values in the country. This clash has taken a serious condition. Heavy weapons like artillery are being used in the fight. It looks like the state of war in the country.

Live updates: Sudan's army, RSF agree to new 24-hour ceasefire

The reason behind the conflict:

After the fall of longtime dictator Omer Al Bashir, Sudan is being run by General Fateh Al-Burhan since 2021. General Burhan promised elections in 2023 and handed over the government to civilian parties. RSF, Rapid Support Force is led by General Hamdan Dagalo. Now both generals do not want elections in the country but they want to keep power in their hands by use of force.

The Sudanese army tried to integrate RSF into the army but RSP did not want to lose its identity. So, the class starts between the military and RSF. This clash has undertaken the state of war in the capital of Sudan. There is continuous war in the capital of Sudan.

Background of clash in the country:

Sudan is also known as Failed African State.

Sudan got independence from Britain in 1956. After its independence, Sudan could not get stability to date. There have been coups in 1958, 1969, 1985, 1989, and 2021. There has been no proper civilian rule in the country.  We can say that Sudan is a real example of

“ Might is Right”.

The coup of 1989, took General Bahir’s power who ruled the country for three decades.  Bashir’s rule remained the most auto-critical and cruel rule in the country. There was no freedom for civilians in the country. His rule was so self-centered and strong that no one could believe that he will lose power in the country. But he was ousted from power in 2019.

The war for power not for ideology:

The clash among both groups is not due to some ideology. The clash is not between Christians and Muslim groups. The clash is not among different racial groups. Actually, this is a fight for the attainment of power. Each of them wants to keep the power in his hands. So, they are fighting against each other. Both sides blame each other for starting the war and are not agree on a ceasefire.

UN says 173 civilians killed in South Sudan clashes | Al Arabiya English

Land and people of Sudan:

The word Sudan is derived from an Arabic word, Bilad us Sudan meaning “ The land of Blacks”. Sudan is the largest country in the continent of Africa. The total population of Sudan is 39 million among them 52% are blacks and 39% are Arabs. The religion of Sudan is Islam and Arabic is the official language. The government has been trying to impose Shria laws in the country since 1983.  Arabs are those who are the descendants of the Arab race.

Oil and Economy of Sudan:

 Sudan is one of the poorest countries in the world. About 80% of Sudanese are connected with agriculture. Most of Sudan’s land is made up of plains and deserts but it also has reserves of oil. It says that Sudan contains reserves of gold. Oil contributes to more than 70% of Sudan’s total exports. So, the economy of Sudan mostly consists of oil.  But Sudan is not getting many benefits from its oil because of autocratic governments in the country. The organizations of human rights reported human rights abuse many times. Therefore, economic sanctions were imposed on Sudan by the USA.

Final Words:

Sudan is a country enriched with natural resources but of no gain. Due to instability in the country, other countries do not want to trade with Sudan. The USA is evacuating its staff due to current clashes. Gradually, other countries’ staff will also run away from Suda. This is how a country ruins itself.  Thousands of the people are leaving Khartum. United Nations has appealed both fighting groups to ceasefire in three days fo Eid.

What is the current issue in Sudan?

Fighting for the attainment of power among different groups is the current issue. In fact, continuous violence is the problem in Sudan.

Why there is a fight in Sudan?

A military and a paramilitary group are fighting in Sudan for occupying the government in the country.

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