Teacher Assistant App for E Learning Courses

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Web Application 

Abstract / Introduction

Now a days E Learning education is widely used by those students who live in backward area or cannot afford conventional education or for professional who cannot study along with job. So, numbers of students in such universities are in thousand per course, which are tough to handle regarding their study and administrative activities like marking assignments, downloading file, and upload their marks etc.

Teacher Assistant app is a web application that will do some automation for specific task for XYZLMS (XYZ Learning Management System) that are much difficult and take time manually. That would be for the ease of teacher to save time and effort and have correct results. Proposed System 1. Develop a web page with name of  XYZLMS. 2. Teacher login page for login with username and password. 3. Home page having choice of semester and course using drop down. 4. Course Assignments, GDB, MCQ tabs. 5. Each tab must have its respective functionality like your VULMS course page. 6. There must be submitting file option for assignments and GDB while attempt quiz option for MCQs for every student. 7. In MCQs page give options of answer using radio buttons.  8. All uploaded files by teacher and submitted files by students must be saved in database. 9. For each tab there must be downloading excel file option which would have Student Ids (having all student ids of that course retrieved from database), Result (Blank column), and Comment (blank column). The name of Excel file must be like Assignment 1-CS619 for first assignment of respective course. 10. After manually checking of activity files or MCQs fill the excel sheet manually. 11. Upload students result saved in excel file on LMS using excel read and fill grid functionality in respective assignments, GDB and MCQs tabs. 12. Also show the overall result percentage of pass and fail students for each study activity and for course.


Software Requirements: • Operating System: Window7and above • HTML, CSS, Bootstrap (Front-end) • SQL SERVER • Visual Studio, Asp.Net using C# language  • ADO.Net Entity Framework (optional)

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