Task Tracker 

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Category Web Application 

Abstract / Introduction

“Task Tracker” is proposed with aim to provide instant updates about the status of

an application in an office. Using this web-based application, people can submit their

queries/applications to the relevant department and then track the progress of their

applications. The user of this application will submit his/her application and then

Complaint In-charge will accept that application after checking its validity. Then,

Complaint In-charge will submit the application to task list. Both the applicant and

Complaint In-charge will be able to track the progress of the task by using this

application. It will aid both the user and complaint in-charge as user does not need

to visit office to track his/her application and Complaint In-charge does not need to

go through the office files to check the progress report. In this way, it will not only

save their time but also provide a smart way to avoid hectic management of files.

This application will also help to check the efficiency of that office holder by making

reports of applications entertained weekly, monthly or annually.

There will be three users of this application. • Administrator • Complaint In-charge • User

Functional Requirements: The functional requirements are given as follows. 1) Administrator can manage (create, update and delete all the users of website) the web application.2) User will create an account 3) User can submit a query / complaint 4) Complaint in-charge will add the query to task list after checking its validity 5) Complaint in-charge can prioritize the tasks in a task list 6) Registered user can track the progress of query / complaint 7) Module for user to notify about the progress of query /complaint through email. 8) “Contact Us” module for complaints and suggestions. 9) System will generate different reports.


  • These are basic requirements of the application. Students may add further

functionalities to make the application more useful. • Virtual University of Pakistan will not provide any kind of hardware for this

project; student must arrange the required hardware by himself/herself. • VU will not pay for any license of the software, the libraries /toolkits/APIs

used in this project. 

Tools:  Microsoft Visual Studio, SQL Server

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