Surveillance System with Motion Detection and Push Notification

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With the passage of time importance of surveillance system has been increased drastically and many innovations have been made on this purpose which is massively dependent on IOT. Taking advantage of portability of raspberry pi we will use it as surveillance micro-controller. We will make an effective surveillance system using at least one Camera and Raspberry Pi micro-controller.

The idea of this project is to make a surveillance system with motion detection and push notification using raspberry pi micro-controller and at least one camera. This surveillance system will automatically detect motion in a real-time and starts recording and monitoring as soon as motion is detected. When motion is deducted a push, notification need to be sent to the authorized person to alert him. Video recordings which are being saved to local storage needs to b upload on google drive and this should be automated. Authorize Person can see the live stream at any browser and at any time.

Functional Requirements:
  • Video recording on Motion Detection Recording
  • Provides live stream on any web browser and
  • Enable Push Notification to authorized person when motion is
  • Save the recorded video on local storage
  • Upload recorded video from local storage to cloud storage i.e. Google Drive
Hardware Requirements: (Please note that No Hardware will be provided by the university)
  • Raspberry pi micro-controller (Better use the latest version).
  • Camera Module (You can use any of the following camera listed below):
  • Rev 3
  • Camera 1
  • Any USB Camera (Using USB camera will be DIY and little bit hard to configure)
  • Micro SD card
  • Micro USB power supply (2.1 A)
  • Camera Mounting
  • Wiring and
  • Components like resistors, capacitors and transistors if
  • Power Supply for Raspberry Pi micro-controller.
Important Notes:
  • Prior Knowledge of Raspberry Pi micro-controller is very
  • Without Raspberry pi the project will not be
  • You can use external libraries for motion detection and for uploading content to cloud storage. You need to make sure everything you do you know it
  • Python


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