Student Information System

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Web Application

Abstract / Introduction

The education institution’s ultimate goal is to improve each student’s performance. This can be accomplished quickly by analyzing each quality of teaching and learning using capable analytic tools such as a dashboard. The data gathered can be used to implement effective and corrective strategies to help people perform better and realize their full potential. This process can become time-consuming and boring if it is not done in a methodical manner.

The goal of this project is to create a Student Information System (SIS) that will help schools handle all of their student’s information in a holistic, organized, and cost-effective manner.

The Student Information System (SIS) will assist teachers in focusing their attention on improving students’ performance by removing the requirement for them to spend a significant amount of time accumulating students’ data.

Parents will be able to track their children’s progress using the SIS.

There will be four users in SIS.
• Admin
• Teacher
• Students
• Parents

Functional Requirments:

Students will register themselves in SIS at the time of admission.
• Students will select subjects from offered subjects in a particular class.
• Students will be able to check their results and attendance.
• Parents will register themselves in SIS.
• Parents will be able to check their children’s results and attendance.
• Teachers will register themselves in SIS at the time of appointment.
• Teacher will schedule the classes in the form of timetable in SIS.
• Teacher will mark course wise attendance of student.
• Teacher will feed student’s marks in SIS.

• Admin will create classes with respective subjects.
• Admin will allocate course(s) to a teacher.
• Admin will approve the timetable.
• Admin will publish results.
• Admin can generate following reports.
o Course attendance (daily/weekly/monthly/annually).
o Class result.
o Course result.

PhpStorm, NetBeans, Sublime Text, Php, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, bootstrap, MySQL

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