Student attendance in class using Face recognition system

Project Domain / Category

Computer graphics application/Image Processing


In this project we want to implement the idea of image manipulation, image recognition, analysis and visualization for Face Attendance system in School / College.

It will be a face recognition technology to instantly identify students in a class. It will provide a touch-free hygienic alternative to fingerprint and hand readers. It will eliminate finger punching, need for cards and badges. It will use a standard ethernet connection to our existing computer network and High-Definition Web Cam or Security Cam. This system will be integrated with desktop / online software for editing / running reports and payroll software.

The system will not only provide the fastest and most reliable verification, but it will also ensure that it cannot be fooled by 2D images or photographs, this precision verification system will be even accurate enough to differentiate between identical.

Functional requirements:

This system must have followed functionalities:

 This system should monitor and control the entrance of students and teachers when class time start

 The system should keep the visit record of students.

 Mark Attendance of authorized users (Students/ Faculty).

 Register the use of special privileges of the system.

 Emit alarm signs when a not authorized person wants to accede.

 Manage students and teachers entrance/exit schedules

 Have information about time, hour, person who has entered/exit class

 To locate teacher and students which has not been identified (they do not have arrived to the class) by the use of a visualization screen of the persons that are late.

 Week summary, e-mailed to each teacher course or headship, with a list of persons who have been missing of class or have been late.

Tools and Technology:

Visual Studio, C#, .Net Framework, MySQL or MSSQL Server,HD Cam

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