Smart Study Planner 

Project Domain / Category

Android Mobile Application  


Smart Study Planner is a mobile app available as a cross-platform planner designed to make your study life a lot easier to manage. It allows you to save your assignments, classes and exams in the cloud and synchronizes them across all your devices so you can access them wherever you are. It is very useful application for students of all levels which could help increase your study habits significantly.  Smart Study Planner also allows teachers to create and share their timetables securely with students in the same institute.   Unlike a paper planner or school diary, Smart Study Planner integrates all areas of your academic life, see homework due and overdue for classes, classes which conflict with your exams and even add revision tasks for a specific exam, easy to use application.  Smart Study Planner seamlessly syncs your data between devices, allowing you to use the app even when offline. You can add a task on the move from your phone or tablet and it will be instantly available on the web app.

Functional Requirements:

The main objective of the proposed mobile app is to help the users in the study. This mobile app will allow following features to users

  1. Track your tasks: homework, assignments, reminders and revision. Store your tasks with ease in the cloud, accessible anywhere.
  2. Assignment: record the due assignments and notify the incomplete task, widgets to quickly access the assignments.
  3. Calendar: record the class schedule, when enter the course ID it shows the weekly schedule of that course.
  4. Store exams: keep those all-important exams alongside your classes, tests, quiz and revision tasks.
  5. Manage your classes – your paper planner, turbocharged. Supporting day and week rotation timetables advanced academic year/term support and integration into tasks
  6. Notifications: reminders for unfinished tasks, upcoming exams and classes before they even start

. 7. Customize menu: A list of common links that are usually displayed as the main navigation for your app.

  1. Share – Smart Study Planner allows teachers to create and share their timetable securely with students in the same school.


Software specifications:  Development environments / IDEs for Android application Java and xml

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