Smart Labor Booking App. 

Project Domain / Category

Mobile Application

Abstract / Introduction

Smart labor booking app will allow creating convenient and easy-to-use online system for users, trying to get the labors. The app is based on a relational database with its Smart labor booking app and reservation functions. The database system stores the information about labors and customers. The app facilitates for labor booking and communication based upon the collected information.

Functional Requirements:
  1. The system shall be able to store the labor information like original details / particulars of labors, along with experience in number of years
  2. The system shall be able to store customer information like customer-id, name, address and phone-number. This information may be used for keeping the records of customer for any emergency or for any other kind of information.
  3. The system shall be able to book labor using information like customer-id number, work, date of booking, type of work.
  4. The user must have the access to up-to-date information about the labor including labor id, labor name, work type
  5. The user must be able to add a new labor by supplying the labor details including, labor name, work type,
  6. The system shall be able to communicate among users and labor though mobile
  1. IDE: Android Studio
  2. Programming Language: Java
  3. Database: SQLite / any other DB you like
  4. Unified Modelling Language (UML): Microsoft Visio


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