Smart Home Application  

Project Domain / Category

Web Application 

Abstract / Introduction: 

Nowadays, technology becomes a vital part of our daily life. It is included in almost every aspect of life. One of the emerging technologies is the smart homes technology. This technology will influence the structure of our homes in the coming years. Smart homes technology provides comfort, luxury, entertainment, security, and ease to us. The purpose is to design an application though which a user can control the home appliances. Multiple devices can also be controlled via web application.   

Functional Requirements: 

1. Home must have minimum 3 rooms with 1 main gate (you can increase the

number of rooms). 2. All the devices in the home must be automated. 3. List of devices (you can have more devices but not less than the mentioned). a. Fan b. AC c. Windows d. Doors e. Bulbs f. Lamps g. LED TV h. Music System 4. Combination of the devices mentioned above can be in all rooms withvariations.   5. The state of devices should be ON and OFF.6. User can add, update, and delete the devices. 7. Multiple devices can be used at same time with different states (ON/OFF) for the goal. 8. Make a pool of goals like sleep, entertainment, security, study etc. You canapply same goal in different rooms. For example, sleep goal can consist of devices like fan OFF, bulbs OFF, AC ON, windows OFF, lamp OFF.  9. Goals can be made using multiple devices. For example, we have a goal to initiate which is named as “sleep” in room 1 and “entertainment” in room 2,you just pick the goals made from the pool of goals and apply it in the rooms.  10. Each room can have their different goals from other rooms at the same time. 11. One goal should be active in a room at a time. 12. Database should be relational.  13.  Responsive web design approach should be used to design the website(respond to user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation).  

Tools:   Visual Studio, C#, Sql server,  

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