Security system for android phone using GPS tracking 

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Mobile Apps 

Abstract/Introduction Security system for android phone using GPS tracking

This is an application which will tell you when you trigger it. This application has enlistment module where client can enroll them self-utilizing their name, telephone no, email id, and secret key. What’s more, you will access web application and additionally application access. On the off chance that one fine day your telephone gets lost then you will need to login into web application and trigger the lost telephone catch. And after that application will take a photo first and after that will send the GPS coordinated to the web application utilizing which client can track the telephone. Also, when client changes sim card the application will consequently run itself and its telephone no and it is not accessible then sim no and send it by means of SMS to the enrolled no and alt number. What’s more, this utilizing web application client can find the hoodlum. Web application will contain login structure utilizing which client can trigger the application. Furthermore, it additionally permits client to see the area and picture of the criminal.

Functional Requirements:

Two applications will be developed:

  1. a. Android application.
  2. b. Web application.
  3. First client needs to enroll their name, telephone no, email id, and secret key in the application.
  4. This information will be stored in the android phone and web application.
  5. Android application can take photo and send GPS coordinates to web application.
  6. Android application can also track number and send SMS to alternate number in case of sim change. 5. The owner can have photo, GPS location and number of the thief.


PHP and android development (Android studio and Android SQLite Database).

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