Route Navigation Application for Android 

Project Domain / Category

Mobile Apps 

Abstract / Introduction:

When cellular phones were first introduced, they were bulky devices that were designed to perform a single function. In the intervening decades, they have transformed into multipurpose handsets that provide access to the Internet, productivity software, and many other features. The rise of the smart phone also coincided with an increasing public interest in GPS navigation which most of the major service providers and hardware manufacturers were quick to take advantage of.

The Application is a Self-Accessed Route Navigation Application in android operating system using GPS. It provides the users a rich user experience by offering them an easy, smooth and time saving navigation. It uses both hardware, software, and many technologies to support the task at hand. This App will be able to help the users to travel from a specific location to their destination by recommending the shortest routes, alternative routes, and by avoiding the busy roads. Users can also communicate with the other users using this application. Tourists can also get help regarding their trips using this application.

Functional Requirements: 

. This system will have the following features:

  1. Provide the users a rich user experience and ease in navigation i.e. – Geo tagging – Alerts generation – shortest path to destination – Multiple paths if available – Traffic status and the platform for the users to interact with other users.
  2. The usability of our application is specially taking care of users to give them high precision and accuracy, easy to use and rugged enough to meet the demands.


Android Studio + Java + PHP + My SQL



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