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Web Application 


The aim of this project is to develop a well-designed and interactive website named as “RentHub” through which the users will be able to find the rental property.  The website will allow the registered users to upload the information of rental property. User registration, posts of registered users and the whole website will be managed by the “Administrator” of the website through Admin Panel.  The website will provide user friendly interfaces, easy navigation flow and proper search facilities for its users.  Launching of this website will remove the overhead of physically visiting to different property dealing centers for finding rental property. 

Functional Requirements: 

Following are the key functional requirements of proposed Project: 

1. Sign In and User Registration 

There will be three categories of users: 

o Visitor (Unregistered User) o Registered User o Administrator (Admin) 

Visitor will be able to visit the website to search his/her relevant rental property information from website. Registered user will be able to post the information about the property to be given on rent. Administrator will be the user of website having all the rights of posts management as well as user management. Admin will approve the registration requests and posts (containing necessary information regarding property to be given on rent for publishing on the website). There will be proper interfaces for user registration and Sign In. 

2. Email Notification and Verification 

An unregistered user will register him/her on the website. On submitting the registration information, an email notification will be sent with a confirmation link to the user’s given email ID. On confirmation through link, the Admin will approve the registration requests from users. An email notification will also be sent to the registered user on approval or rejection of any post. 

3. Categories of Property 

The website will provide information regarding rental properties according to categories such as Houses, Flats, Shops, Shopping Malls, Warehouse, Plane field etc. The categories will be managed by the Admin. The categories will be used by the registered users for entering the post related information and by the visitors to search the information by category.  

4. Posts of Rental Property 

There will be interactive interface(s) for the registered users to upload the necessary information of property to be given on rent. The interface will consist of different fields associated with different categories of property.  For example, if a registered user selects the category as “houses”, then the interface will require to enter /select the total area, number of bedrooms, number of attached bathrooms, Kitchen (yes /no), drawing room, dining hall etc. and in case, if user selects the category “Shop” then the interface will require to enter information like, total area, location and rent etc. 

Note: Location, Total Area, Rent, Condition, Image(s) etc.  and some fields related to property owner will must be available in all interfaces related to all the categories.   

5. Search and Sorting System on Website  

All types of users would be able to search posts by different keywords and filters such as: 

o Title o Category o Location o Date of Posting 

Admin will also be able to search the post by user IDs. 

You are advised to visit some related websites to gain the idea of interfaces and navigation flow.  


1. PHP and MySQL (You can choose any framework such as Laravel) 2. Bootstrap or any other CSS Framework 3. Any JavaScript library/ framework such as jQuery, Vue Js, react Js or angular Js.  

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