Recommendation based Online Grocery Point 

Project Domain / Category

Web Programming 


This project is a web-based E-commerce application providing a platform for online shopping of grocery products. Online Grocery Shopping refers to the use of retailer’s websites for purchasing grocery products. Customers can make order of their choice after viewing the available products, where they will be just one click away from their desired products. Registered customers can benefit from membership discounts, other customers’ reviews and products suggestions based on our recommendation system.

This project aims to develop a recommendation system for online grocery shopping by incorporating two additional considerations, i.e., product replenishment and product promotion. The proposed recommendation system will provide customers a better recommendation list to fit their consumer expectations, needs, and budget considerations and will finally boost online shopping.

Functional Requirements:

 Login process/ authentication for administrators and customers (Sign up and sign in/ Sign out) to avoid unauthorized access.

 Administrators can add and remove products along with product details.

 Administrators can manage the sale/shipment/payment processes and return/exchange.

 Customers can search products (along with details), select and de-select products (to/from shopping cart) online.

 Customer can make payments online via debit/credit card or cash on delivery.

 Product searching criteria (for customer) based on customer’s interest/ shopping history and our recommendation system.

 Special Offers Products Management.

 Gifts Management (in case of lucky draws).

 Product Recommendations based on customer’s interest/ shopping history and product replenishment and product promotion


Server-side programming language: PHP, HTML and CSS Client-side scripting: JavaScript and jQuery Database: MYSQL IDE: PHP Storm Local host Server: WAMP


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