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In our daily lives we often find situations when we have some ingredients and want to make something delicious. When we search for recipes on internet then most of the time, recipes we found are not doable because one or more ingredients for that cuisine are missing. So, we are going to make a website which will be unique in its functioning. Main purpose of project will be to provide some recipe for the available food items. You will input your main food items in website and the website will generate some (one/more than one) recipes which are possible with the existing items. At first, we will be dealing with 50 food recipes.

Functional Requirements:

  1. First you have to choose some specific ingredients to work on them
  2. After choosing a number of food items, you have to make a database of every possible recipe which can be made with those food items
  3. In your website, users should be able to choose food items from available list of items
  4. Your application should produce a valid recipe for the selected items
  5. No such items should be listed in the menu which does not have any corresponding recipe
  6. All recipes which contain chosen items should be displayed when searched
  7. If there will not be any valid recipe then user should be properly informed about this
  8. General spices/ingredients which are almost easily available like salt, pepper, onion, garlic, water etc will be ignored while searching for the recipe match


Microsoft.Net (C#) + SQL Server/MySQL + php

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