Permit Regulation App for Tree Cutting 

Project Domain / Category

Mobile Application (Android)

Abstract / Introduction

Global warming is the main concern of each country in this era. One of the main reasons is deforestation. Number of trees grown is less than the number of trees being cut or removed. Globally, especially in Pakistan there is no efficient way to regulate the forestation/deforestation. The current regulatory process is offline. We must develop an Android App that will regulate the cutting of trees and transportation of the wood. The regulatory authority (admin) will issue three permits.

1-     Tree Validation permit

(Regulator Officers generate a QR code of each tree which contain tree details along with GPS coordinates)

2-     Tree Cutting permit

(This permit will be issued to the harvester it will also contain the tree validation permit (in the form of QR) in it. This permit will allow the harvester to cut the allocated tree).

3-     Tree Transport permit

The regulator officer will issue transport permit to the harvester after verifying that tree is harvested according to tree Felling permit, so that he can carry the wood in his/her vehicle

There will be three users of the Application.

  • Harvesters
  • Regulatory Officers
  • Admin

The following will be the functional requirements of this project.

Functional Requirements:
  1. Regulators will be added by
  2. Regulators will issue QR code to every
  3. Harvester can request the cutting of a
  4. Admin can manage harvesting requests
  5. Harvester should be able to receive Real-time Push notifications his request confirmation/cancelation, permit
  6. Permit Management by Admin
  7. Information of all the trees should be saved by the admin
  8. On QR code scanning, app should show information against that QR


  • You can use libraries from Github or AndroidArsenal
  • You can use Git as version control for
  • These are basic requirements of the application. Students may add further functionalities to make the application more
  • Virtual University of Pakistan will not provide any kind of hardware for this project; student must arrange the required hardware by himself/herself.
  • VU will not pay for any license of the software, the libraries /toolkits/APIs used in this
  • It may also be noted that your android devices must support all features necessary for this

Android Studio Firebase

MySql / PhpMyAdmin Google Maps


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