Performance evaluation and prediction of wireless communication networks 

Project Domain / Category

Wireless Communication networks   


In wireless communication mobility is the most important feature where continuous service is achieved by supporting handoff from one cell to another. Handoff / Handover is the mechanism of changing channel associated with the current connection while call is in process. Handover is initiated when mobile terminal moves from one cell to another or the signal quality deteriorates. The rejection of an ongoing call is more objectionable and had diverse effect on QoS than a new call.  A number of priority schemes have been devised to improve performance of wireless networks. In this project students will do simulations to check the validity of Analytical priority schemes devised.

Functional Requirements: 

  1. Mean number of packets/calls in queue 2. Mean number of packets/calls in system 3. Mean number of packets/calls in service 4. Waiting time 5. Number of blocked packets/calls


NS2, Monet

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