Online Voting System 

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Category Web Application 

Abstract / Introduction

Online Voting System creates and handles details regarding polling and election which will enable all citizens to cast their vote via a web-based platform. Database consisting of records and details of the citizens and candidates who are eligible to vote are maintained by the system.

Keeping the election and voting requirements in mind, Online Voting System will be developed with two modules: administrator module and user module. Administrator has the whole authority over the system to maintain (add, update, modify and delete) records and details of all voters and candidates. Users, on the other hand, can view the list of voters, candidates and see results after the election is completed.

Functional Requirements:

  1. Admin panel Admin will manage all the records of voters and candidates. 2. User Registration User/ Voter will register their selves in the system in order to cast vote later. 3. Manage Districts It will manage all the districts of a specific country. 4. Manage Candidates It will manage all the candidates that are going to take part in elections. 5. Manage Parties It will manage all the political parties that are going to take part in elections. 6. Cast Vote This function will allow an eligible user to cast a vote. 7. Tally Vote It will count the total number of votes cast against each party and display the result. 8. Verify Result Integrity It will check the duplication and error in voting
  2. Voice recognition Our system should work in such a way that at every page, it will also interpret words or phrases of a specific function. 10. Thumb verification (Optional Requirement) User will register their thumb impressions too by using a thumb machine, which will later use in casting vote too.

Note: Virtual University of Pakistan will not provide any kind of hardware for

this project; student must arrange the required hardware by himself/herself.

Tools:  Visual Studio and SQL Server

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