Online Virtual Laboratory for eLearning Practical Courses 

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Web Programming, Automation 


Online Virtual lab is a web-based application which will provide a simulation to the e-learning students to enhance their degree of excellence in distance learning education and to improve their practical skills related to science and technology fields. This web application will give an online laboratory environment, where an e-Learner performs practical work.

This solution overcomes the problems faced in rural areas due to insufficient time and practical instruments/apparatus used in science laboratories. It is also beneficial for enhancing the students research oriented studies. By using this application lab experiments can be taught more efficiently and less expensively. The virtual labs can be made available to students with no access to physical labs or where equipment is not available. eLearning students can access these online experiments at home, anytime and anywhere.

Functional Requirements:

 The application should have graphical user interface which have apparatus and practical instrument objects.

 The admin, Lab assistant and student should be login to enter the graphical interface of Lab.

 The application should provide the list of practical courses from computer science domain (select any one course e.g., digital logic design, computer programming, networking courses etc.

 The admin should manage lab assistant and Lab assistant should manage all practical lab material, procedure and topic contents.

 The interface should provide selection of practical courses and under this select the introduction, experiment lists of selected topics, procedure of performing experiments, tutorials, reference materials etc.

 The interface should provide the simulator and animation interface for performing experiments.

 The interface should provide the online quiz after attempted experiments and save the students records in each session.

 The interface should automatically save the activity of student while performing practical task.

 The interface should allow adding new student record, updating record, deleting and saving records.

 The admin should view the performance and print the report of the student.

 The students will be able to view their position in the practical lab


Microsoft .net Framework and Sql Server

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