Online Venue Booking Application 

Project Domain / Category

Web Application 

Abstract / Introduction:

Online Hall & Venue booking system provides a reliable and easy to use online

reservation system for marriage halls, party halls, and all other bookable function

rooms. The hall booking application provides an easy to use, reliable calendar of

events and allows venue bookings to be made 24/7, updating the hall or venue

availability seamlessly. This avoids double bookings, missed phone calls and

unnecessary paperwork. This project aims to develop an effective Online Venue

Booking Platform for users to find suitable venues for events; user will search the

venue by applying different filters like Location, Event type, Food type etc. Venue

owner will register on system and add the venue with venue facilities, amenities,

images etc. This application will help to book venue based on Availability, Menu &

packages with Pricing.

In addition to user and venue owner, there will be an admin module to manage the

entire platform as well as user and venue owner. There will be three system users:

admin, user and venue owner.

Functional requirements: Admin

  1. Admin can login into system.
  2. Admin can delete/ edit information of user and venue owner
  3. Admin keep the records of all bookings

Venue owner

  1. Venue owner can login into system.
  2. Add / Edit venue related information
  3. Venue owner can see the user who has requested for the venue
  4. Owner confirm the booking and inform the user

User 1. User can login into system

  1. Add / Edit personal information
  2. Search for venue by applying different filter like Location, Event type, Food type
  3. Request to book desired venue

Tools: PHP language, MySQL

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