Online Vehicle Sales Management System

Project Domain / Category

Web Application 


This system is responsible for managing the sales of vehicles. Registration process that includes

information on vehicle registration number, the type of that vehicle, and other related

information. Besides, the system is responsible for managing the login and logout function for

the user who uses this system. The staffs that use this system will have access to key in the

information of new vehicles, and keep track the record of the vehicles problem. Besides that,

the proposed system also provides data analysis during a certain period of time. For example,

the system might be able to help the staffs at the department to analyze and mark out the data

in the database maybe when a vehicle is sold.

Functional Requirements:

  1. Your system will allow different users to use the web application having different

roles and rights. Like Supervisor will keep track of all the rented vehicles. Users that are

allowed to see the list of available vehicles. Account manager will keep track of all the

financial transactions.

  1. System will keep record of all the vehicles that are rented out. Supervisor can see the

status of all the vehicles that are rented out and also show the available vehicles.

  1. Web application also manage different vehicles having some problems. Supervisor can

see the list of vehicles having problems. System is also able to see the sorted list of

vehicles having problems. Like engine, tires and battery related problems.

  1. Web application is also able to display and analyze the sold-out vehicles. In case of new

purchasing system is able to display newly purchased cars in the fleet.

  1. System is also able to handle the special discount in case of Army, doctors or Teachers.

These persons are offered with special discounts.

  1. User can see the price list of all the vehicles to be rented out. Price list include the hour

based and date wise details of different vehicles.

  1. System keeps record of historical data of users. Supervisor be able to search the

previous users on the basis of CNIC number. In case of any damage to the vehicles these

users are to be blocked in future.

  1. In case of repairing of damage vehicles supervisor is able to search out the nearly

located workshops.


JSP, Tomcat Webserver, SQL Server.

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