Online Store

Project Domain / Category

Web application


The Internet is an important factor of our lives. Through Internet we can communicate with each other, share different type of information and resources. In the today’s ecommerce world, different types of organizations are going to build their businesses through Internet. For this purpose, different types of ecommerce webpages/ websites are developed to sell their products and services etc.

In this project, we will build an easy-to-use website for an online store for the organization in order to sell their products and services over the Internet. Through the online store website, the users/buyers buy different type of services and products via Internet. The main purpose to build an online store is to facilitate interactions and transactions between business and its customers.

The online store project is basically divided in two main factors, i.e., business owner and customers. The business owner interface will be different from the customer interface. In the business owner interface, the business owner can perform different operations like; login, uploading and editing different services and products, managing inventory and managing different orders received from the customers. In the customer interface, the customer/buyers can perform different operations like; create an account, login, logout, Brows different products and services etc.

Functional Requirements:

  1. The business owner must login to his/her portal.
  2. The business owner can add or delete different products and services.
  3. The business owner manage inventory and manage different orders of customers.
  4. The customer can create account.
  5. The customer can login and logout.
  6. The customer can add different products and services to the shopping cart.
  7. The customer can edit the shopping cart.



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