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Online Sales Information web portal is a web application dedicated for a unique experience of identifying sales on various products. Sale is a noteworthy part of the buying and selling process. Every organization put a greater amount of their energy in developing new ideas for Sale than they do for different things, on the grounds that they realize that individuals are more inspired by sales, discounts and promotion deals than the normal purchasing and offering. The product alerts people of all the ‘available sales, discounts and promotions’ on the leading brands in Pakistan at all the time. They can discover, rate and comments on all sale details on the website apart from it they can also subscribe with an option of SMS alerts on their cell phones.

Functional Requirements:

  1. Admin, a brand representative and a subscriber shall be able to manage account.
  2. Admin shall be able to manage users
  3. Admin shall be able to manage all brands info.
  4. Visitor shall be able to browse website to get info about latest sales.
  5. Visitor shall open account on website to get latest update through email.
  6. Visitor able to edit subscription, ratings, posted comments.


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