Online Responsive Multi-vendor Marketplace 

Project Domain / Category

Web Application 

Abstract / Introduction

Online Multi-Vendor Market Places serves as a hub where there are millions of products, relevant to many categories sold by multiple sellers through their stores which are provided by the Market Place.

The Buyer visits the Market Place, searches the product and read the product details, afterwards orders the product, the seller receives the order and ships it, the marketplace keeps an eye on all these activities and respond accordingly.

In the current era, the use of smart devices such as Smart phones and tablets has increased massively hence a web application should be created such that the design and development should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation.

Functional Requirements: 

  1. Responsive Behavior The goal of responsive design is to build web pages that detect the visitor’s screen size and orientation and change the layout accordingly.
  1. Multiuser Authentication and Password resets
  2. Email notifications and runtime notifications through web interface (UI) Notifications should be sent to all the type of users through email and web interface (depending on the type of operation).

Example Operations for notifications are: 

Operation Notification

User Registration successful Email

Password reset successful Email

Added to Cart UI and Email

Order placed UI and Email

  1. Administrators Portal Design a web portal that will be used for the following tasks:
  2. Managing categories 2. Managing Brands 3. Managing users 4. Managing Product Approval 5. Other tasks associated with administrator not listed here
  3. Buyers Portal Design a web portal that would be used for the following tasks:
  4. Managing Profile 2. Managing addresses 3. Managing orders 4. Managing favourite stores 5. Managing Wish lists 6. Managing cart 7. Asking Questions 8. Giving review for already bought products 9. Other operations not listed here associated with the buyer
  5. Sellers Portal Design a web portal that would be used for the following tasks:
  6. Checking insights of the store through home\dashboard page such as No. of items, most sold items, item not being sold, Total sales for selected period. (You can use charts as per your choice for relevant operation) 2. Managing Store For managing store logo, store address, store status (online, offline) etc. 3. Managing Profile 4. Managing address 5. Managing orders 6. Managing Products • Activate/Deactivate • Soft Delete • Edit Product • Listing a product o Product should have at least the following information: ▪ Product Name ▪ Product Model▪ Description ▪ Images (maximum 8) ▪ Category ▪ Brand ▪ Warranty ▪ What is inside ▪ Weight and length, width, height ▪ Price ▪ Quantity  ▪ More attributes relevant to products not listed here  Answering questions 8. Other operations not listed here associated with the seller


  • PHP and MySQL (You can choose any framework such as Laravel) • Bootstrap or any other CSS Framework • Any JavaScript library/ framework such as jQuery, Vue Js, react Js or angular Js.

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