Online Rental vehicle system 

Project Domain / Category

 Web based Application 


Online Rental vehicle system is a web-based application that facilitate customer to rent a vehicle from everywhere through web and to help people who are looking for cheap and comfortable rides with verified and trusted driver. As we know that public transport is not good in Pakistan so this system will provide vehicle rental platform for everyone. This also tells the position of vehicle through GPRS in a vehicle. This web-based application will use best navigation tools or techniques in order to fulfill the principles of Human computer Interaction.

Functional Requirements:

This system has two types of users Admin and customer or passenger. Admin can do vehicle management, Fleet management, as well as customer or passenger management.

  1. Vehicle management This involves registering vehicle on a website by its number, model and type etc. Vehicle management will Add, Update and Delete vehicle. This also add and update rental agreement which will offered to passenger or customer before reservation of a vehicle.
  2. Fleet Management Fleet (vehicle) management can include a range of functions, such as vehicle maintenance, vehicle tracking through GPRS, driver management, and fuel management.
  3. Vehicle Reservation Customer first get registers on a website by accepting the rental agreement, and confirm vehicle reservation.
  4. Feedback In this tab customer will give feedback regarding the service vehicle as well as driver. In this tab complaints also managed.



Java/net Framework and Sql server.

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