Online Real Estate System 

Project Domain / Category

Web Application 

Abstract / Introduction

The main objective of this project is to develop an interactive and effective website design for the needs of Real Estate Customers. The website focuses to display several property listings on the website, and it contains sophisticated searching for buyers to search for property listings specific to their needs. The searching not only provides an easy and convenient way to search for listings but also display the entire list of properties in a customized format. The buyer can then view the complete specification of each property listing with its features, description and photographs. The main emphasis lies in providing a user-friendly searching for effectively showing the desired results on the GUI. 

Functional Requirements: 

• Sign in and User Registration

There will be three categories of Website users: o Visitor (Unregistered User) o Registered User o Administrator (Admin) 

• There will be Sign In interface for registered users and Sign Up interface for unregistered users to register on the website. • Visitors will be able to just search the available properties on the website. • Registered users will have the privileges to request ‘property upload’ or ‘purchase property’ available on the website. • Administrator will be the user of website having all the rights of properties management (making properties available on the website and hiding the sold properties). Admin can view, update and delete any property. Admin can view the property details, make any update if required and can delete the property.  

• Uploading Property’s information on Website

There will be interactive interface(s) to upload the information of property on the website. Once a user is registered with the system, he/she can register his/her property to Online Real Estate System. Admin will view the property details and verify that property and approve it. 

• Searching the Property:

Any user (registered or unregistered) can search for the available property. The user can select the property according to his requirements. Searching criteria will be like search by property type, search by Marla, search by area and by price etc. Search begins by pressing the search button. If user requirement meets, then system will show result in proper format. 

• Display of Properties on the website

There should be a detailed view of property listing with its features, description and photographs. The property price, location, category, thumbnail image and other complete details available should be displayed on the website in proper design. On clicking the thumbnail, the website will maximize the property image. 

• Renting or Purchasing of property

The website will allow the registered users to select their desired property and make purchasing/renting request. There will be proper interfaces on the website. 

Once customers choose their desired property, then an email will be sent to the property owner and the customer. The customer will be provided the contact details of the owner.  

[Note: Student can add/enhance requirements as per needed.] 


ASP.NET, C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, MS SQL Server 

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