Online Quiz application

Project Domain / Category

Web-based Application 


The application will generate a quiz by randomly picking Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) from database. User will attempt the quiz and result will be displayed. User can also view results of previously submitted quizzes.

Functional Requirements:

 The application will provide Signup and Login features. There will be two types of users; Admin and user.

 Admin should be able to manage users’ accounts and add/update/delete MCQs. While saving an MCQ, its correct answer should also be saved.

 New user should register through Signup option.

 Already registered users will login through Login option. After the user is logged in, s/he can either start a new quiz or view results of already submitted quizzes.

 By clicking on start a new quiz, a quiz will be generated by randomly picking MCQs from database.

 Once the user submits quiz, user-answers will be compared with already stored correct answers and final result will be displayed.


PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL




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