Online Quiz (A web based application)

Project Domain / Category

Web Application 


A quiz consists of Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs). A set of MCQs will be generated by Quiz Online application for a specific quiz and will display MCQ to user one by one. Application will randomly pick a set of MCQs from database while generating a new quiz each time. User will attempt the quiz and result will be displayed on submission. User can view score of previously submitted quizzes. Actors/ Users of the Application:  • Registered User • Admin  

Functional Requirements: 

▪ Login / Signup page should be displayed first.   ▪ Admin will manage users’ accounts and add/update/delete MCQs from the database. ▪ While saving an MCQ, its correct answer should also be saved. ▪ New user should register through Signup option. ▪ Already registered users will login through Login option. After the user is logged in, s/he can either start a new quiz or view score of already submitted quizzes. ▪ By clicking on start a new quiz, a quiz will be generated by randomly picking MCQs from database. ▪ Once the user submits quiz, user-answers will be compared with already stored correct-answers and result will be displayed. ▪ A quiz set is a set of 10 MCQs randomly selected MCQs selected by application from database.  ▪ Score is the obtained marks for correct answers in each quiz e.g. if student select correct answers of 5 MCQs; his score will be 5 (out of 10).  ▪ Result will show all the attempted MCQs. But will only show the correct answers which were selected by user. It will not show the answers of the MCQs with wrong selections.  Result will not show the un-attempted MCQs.  

[NOTE: Requirements can be enhanced if required.]

GUI Requirements:  

Following 3 pictures are for demonstrations purposes only. You must apply designing tools to develop the pages for GUI interface. You must create/add other pages for application as per requirements.   

Login/Sign UP page:  

Quiz Page:  

Result Page:   

Tools: PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, Dreamweaver, Notepad++ etc.  

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