Online Multi seller Product Auction System 

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Web Application 


Online auction is a different business model where the items are sold through price bidding. Usually bidding has start price and ending time. Potential buyers in auction and the winner is the one who bids the item for highest price. We treat the fraud detection with a binary classification. For buying product online user must provide his personal details like email address, license number, PAN number etc. Only the valid user will have authority to bid. This prevents various frauds in online shopping. Biding Algorithm A time range would be allocated for the bidding of each product. The highest bid would be selected. After the time expires, if two bids have same bid value then the decision will be taken on first come first serve bases and bid will be approved for the customer who bid first. Functional Requirements: Customer Module: • Customer registration: customers will be provided with a personal account through registration • Customer Login: Login to the system with valid username and password • Profile Verification: The customers profile verified by the admin for the auction bid participation • Auction Products: Only verified customers will be able to view auction product gallery, bidding for product and buy product.

Seller Module : The seller module includes different sellers who wish to sell their products. The seller needs to be approved by administrator after a seller submits his registration. A seller can add or delete or modify information about different items. The different functionalities for seller are   • Can add a new product • Can delete a product • Can place new offers to the product • Can modify information related to the product such as price, basic information

Admin Module : The administrative module includes an admin who acts as an intermediator between sellers and the customers. • Admin Login: Login with authorized username and passwords • Verify Customers & Sellers: The Administrator verifies new users when the online auctioning also approves authorized seller after registration • Delete Seller: If the admin feels all the products from specific seller mostly are not trusted he can also remove the seller and his related products • Block Fraud Customer: Administrator can delete an account when any of the user leave the auctioning organization and permanently block any customer (in case of any fraud) Complaint Filing  Buyers can file complaints against fraudulent sellers. The administrator views the various types of complaints and takes the final decision about it.

Tools:  Server-side scripting technology PHP/ DBMS SQL/MySQL/Oracle, etc. Code Editors Sublime Text, PHP storm, Visual studio, etc.

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