Online matrimonial service provider 

Project Domain / Category

Mobile Application 


This application is basically online matrimonial service provider for all registered members freely. Once you register your matrimonial profile on an online match-making application installed on your mobile, they will notify you with all the requests made by fellow users. Although the application will also find the members requirements and intimate them on periodically basses.

Functional Requirements:

  1. It should be a mobile base application.
  2. The user will register himself to find matrimonial records according to requirement.
  3. The software should give the option for more than one matrimonial registration.
  4. The software should give the option to all members to create their matching list for their considerations.
  5. The software should give the option to deal with missing values or to edit any record at any time. Once a record will be updated a notification of updated record should be sent to all matching members. 6. The software should give the option to deal with non-serious members who reported as unethical behavior according to concerned rules.

Tools:  Development environment: Android Studio, Eclips, Java, Microsoft.Net framework, or any other modern programming language

DBMSs SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL, Oracle


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