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Web Application 


Now a day’s people have difficulty to find professionals for home maintenance and repairing work and professional people may demand for high charges. Proposed system will provide easy solution in finding such professional at good rates. Many of the daily maintenance services provider can register with our system by giving detail of area, rates etc. so that we have a database of those maintenance and repairing work professionals. For example Mr. Ali need a plumber, he will first register with our portal. After registration, he will give description of the services that he requires under the plumber work portion.  After that different plumbers submit their proposal including rates, material and number of hours. Then it’s up to Mr. Ali which plumber he selects. 

Functional Requirements: 

1. Admin will be responsible to manage portal and authenticate different user’s

i.e. Professional workers and people need services.  2. System should have facility to provide difference categories of maintenance

/repairing work professions. 3. System should have the facility to register different maintenance /repairing

work professionals by entering required information (Name, CNIC, address,

city, country, Mobile number, Picture etc.) on web portal. 4. System should provide the facility to registered user with the web portal and

submit description of work with pictures. 5. After that specific maintenance/ repairing service provider will give their

complete proposal including rate, material and number of hours or days to

complete that work. After that it’s up to service finder to select one of them. 6. Proposal submits from different service provider should be hidden from other

maintenance/repairing service professionals only the service finder can see

all the proposals.  

7. Once the service finder selects the maintenance professionals and his work is

complete, after that he should have the facility to close status of their work

description. 8. The proposed system should give the facility to rate the professional worker

so that in future it will be easy to check the quality of professional worker.   

Tools:  Visual Studio using ASP.Net & C#, and Microsoft SQL server, PHP with My SQL 

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