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Web Application 


Furniture is one of the core component interiors in any house and organization; due to which furniture industry is always flourishing.  Due to increased business, the organizations dealing with selling of furniture always face to manage their sales and customers. Online Furniture Store (OFS) is an online application that lets the selling organizations to manage their orders and customers online. This document explains various tasks performed by OFS. Functional Requirements: Mainly OFS comprises of two modules: Admin Panel: There are some tasks which will be performed by admin user: • Add, update and delete different categories of furniture with category name and a picture for each category. • Add, update and delete different products (furniture items) in any category.  o Each furniture item can have a unique name, pictures (different view of pictures like front, back, side, top and bottom view), wood it is made of and price. o Same furniture item can be in different sizes  • Admin should be able to create different packages which include some items of furniture from different categories. Each package will have some discount which will be applied based on total cost and number of items in package.    • There will be a forum type commenting system where user of application will be able to give comments, suggestions about each furniture item.  • Admin will receive orders from users and move to production line for development.  • Admin will be able to manage user accounts and delete comments of any user in comments section if any comments are not following terms and policies.   

User Panel: • There will be an interface to show all categories of furniture.  • On opening any category user should be able to see all furniture times in that category. 

• Opening any furniture item will show details of item like its price, name, size, type of material used to develop it and all the images from different angles.  • User should be able to comments on each future item for the sake of suggestions and complaints.  • Application should show total price, discount on package and net payable price on each predefined package or individual items (if any) selected by customer. • There should be some additional page for company information like, about us, contact us, etc. • There should be a complete user management which all the users to register, login and change profile details. 

Student will provide detailed requirements in SRS documents after discussing with project supervisor.  

Tools and Languages:

ASP.Net with C# JSP with Java HTML with PHP SQL Server, MySQL 

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