Online Food Ordering System

Project Domain / Category

Web Application 

Abstract / Introduction

The purpose of the online food ordering system is to facilitate the customer in ordering food through web interface without going outside. This application will facilitate the application administrator to manage customer data and order data efficiently. Admin will be able to make suitable decisions related to the business by checking the customer feedbacks and reports. Admin can manage the food items i.e. add new food items, edit/delete food items or enable/disable certain food items according to the season and availability.  Admin has the right to view order status, change the order status and view the customers’ feedback. He can also view the system user details and payment transaction details.

Customers can access the system with valid credentials after registration. They can go through the food categories on system web pages and select the desired food items. System will also provide the cart system, order tracking and online payment facility to the users. Functional Requirements: Online food ordering system supports two kinds of users, who will have their own system interface panel to use the system. Administrator will use the Admin panel of the system to manage his work and users will use the customer panel to order the desired food. Functional requirements for each user are mentioned below: Admin Panel:  • Add Food Items:   Admin can add food items details like name, Photo, Description/ Ingredients, Price, Category etc. • View / Edit (Price, Enable/Disable) / Delete Items: Admin can edit the food item details as well as Enable/Disable certain food items according to season or availability. • View Orders: Admin can track the live orders and change the Status of specific food order. • View feedback: Admin can also view the customer feedback related to any order to improve the customer experience related the system. • View Transactions: Admin can view payment transaction history and can search transactions for a specific day, time duration, total amount or a user.

View Users: Admin can view the user’s details which are given during registration.

User Panel: • Registration: Users must register with essential details (like name, CNIC, email, verifiable phone number and address etc.) to use the food ordering system. • Login: Users must login with their valid credentials to access food ordering system.  • Menu List: User panel of the system will show different food items within its respective categories to be chosen by the users. • Item Purchase: Users can view food items details and add the desired items to their cart. They can view their cart details and can delete food items from cart or update quantity of any item in the cart. He will complete his order through an online payment. • View Orders and Status: Users can keep track of their orders with delivery status through the system. • Provide Feedback: Users can provide their feedback related to the food quality and service issues related to his order.


MYSQL/SQL Server NetBeans/PHPStrom/Visual Studio/Dreamweaver etc. MS VISIO, MS Word, MS Power Point etc.

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