Online Event Management System

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Web based Programming


The field of Event Management in Pakistan is in its emergent stage as compared to other conventional professions such as medicine, accounting and law etc. However, it is a rapidly growing area in Pakistan and across the world where thousands of professionals are now associated who are responsible for planning, organizing, and evaluating of many events throughout the year.

FESTIVA is an event management company working on large scale in the country. The company deals with the Birthday parties and marriage ceremonies. They want to automate their system. You are required to develop a web-based database application for the company so they can take orders online.

Functional Requirements: 

  1. Client can register him/herself for booking an event.
  2. There must be a login process for admin and clients to avoid unauthorized access.
  3. System should save all the necessary information of the clients.
  4. Clients can change any of their requirements any time.
  5. System should record the order details

. 6. There must be a list of all types of services the company is dealing with the available themes.

  1. System should display list of available venues.
  2. System should ask for Catering and Food Presentation.
  3. There website should display the photographs of the events held by company.
  4. Clients can provide feedback about services.


C# SQL Server (Any modern language tools)

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