Online Bus Ticket Reservation System 

Project Domain / Category

Web Application 


This will be a web-based application that offers its users with the services to reserve bus tickets from their selected source and destination locations. User should be able to make the reservation online by paying online or make the temporary reservation online and pay at the front desk at the time of departure.

Stakeholder 1. Administrator 2. Front Desk Officer 3. Buyer

Functional Requirements: 

Buyer: 1. Buyer can view the information about bus ticket fairs according to their source and destination locations, departure and arrival timings and available tickets (seats) for a bus leaving at a specific time.  2. It should be mandatory for the buyer to get registered for completing the reservation.  3. Buyer must login into his/her account in order to do the ticket reservation. 4. The buyer can either pay online for the ticket to confirm the reservation or can make the temporary reservation without payment online and then pay at the front desk an hour before the departure time. 5. The buyer should have the option to cancel/reschedule his/her reservation online from his/her account. It should be compulsory that the cancellation/rescheduling of the reservation should take place at least 24 hours before the departure time.

Administrator:  1. Admin can add/update/remove ticket fairs, plans, promotions, and related information. 2. Manages buyers and front desk officers’ accounts   3. Can generate different kind of reports from the system such as total sales, sales according to a specific time period, total reservations according to the regions, routes, sources and destinations etc.

Should be able to add/update/remove buyers from the system and make any changes to their reservations such as change, cancel or confirm.

Front Desk Officer:  1.  Should be able to create new reservations for the buyers OR confirm their temporary reservations already made through the online application. 2. Should be able to cancel/reschedule the buyer’s reservations. 3. Sets the status of buyer to “Ticket Issued”, “Ticket Cancelled”,  “Refunded”, or “Ticket rescheduled”.

  [NOTE:  Student can add/enhance requirements as per the application’s requirements.]

Special Instructions for the students: You must test the application thoroughly before your application viva. – You must have at least 3 to 4 Buyers in your system with different status of their reservations such as (Completed, Cancelled, etc) – You must have at least 2 Front Desk Officer Accounts in the application already so that you can show their stats for already completed reservations at the time of your viva. – There should also be at least 1 admin account already. – Here are some good examples of the websites for their design and functionality that you may follow for your project.  

Tools and Languages:  XAMP or WAMP server, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Dreamviewer, Notepad++

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