Online Building Construction Services 

Project Domain / Category

Web Application 

Abstract / Introduction

In this project, we will build a web-based application named as “Online Building Construction Services”. In this project a user can view the availability of the technical employees such as Masson, Electrician, and Carpenter etc.

On the availability of the person, the user can book that resource for his/her construction work. In the booking process, the user will provide all the details about the working he/she is going to plan.

The main purpose of this project is to facilitate the end users to online book a technical person for his/her construction work according to the end user convenience.

Functional Requirements:  

Admin panel:

  1. The admin can login and logout. 9. The admin can add different information about their services and create profile for their employees such as Masson, Electrician, carpenter etc. 10. The admin can also add all the information about their employees such as information about the available dates, their per day cost /service charges etc. 11. The admin can edit/ delete/ update all the information of an employee. 12. The admin can see the booking information and assign that work to a specific employee(s). 13. The admin can generate a voucher/expense report for the user. 14. The admin can generate different reports like total completed projects, total cost of a project etc.

User Panel: 1. The user can login and logout.

2. The user can book a specific service according to his/her convenience on the availability of the service/resource person. 3. For booking the user must be a registered user. If the user is not login already then there must be a “Registration” option available for the user.

  1. In the booking process, the user will provide complete details about the work and can provide the pictures of the working area. 5. The user can see the appropriate expense report after booking the appropriate service. 6. The user can download the service dues voucher. Pay the dues in the bank and upload the paid voucher on his/her account. 7. The user can see the approximate deadline of the selected work.

Tools:  PHP, MySQL, Xampp Sever

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