Online Boutique

Project Domain / Category

Web-based application 


Online boutique is a great place for stylish people to shop for interesting items which are not available in big department stores. Online boutique is designed to manage your boutique online through the computerization of the clothes inventory and sales, etc. Online Boutique will be a very user friendly. You can directly buy your clothes at home via online boutique. Through Online Boutique your time will be saved as there is no need to go to market for buying clothes. In a click, your clothes will be delivered at your door step.

Functional Requirements: 

  1. A client must make his online account first before buying clothes so they can purchase, edit, delete or refund the clothes.
  2. Through online account client can make his profile and can see the status of his order id and his purchase history.
  3. Online Boutique account for clients must be secured and password authenticated.
  4. Checkout system of the online boutique needs to be much easier for clients.
  5. Clients must see the selection of the clothes very well before purchasing the clothes.
  6. To attain the client attention it must contain multiple view photographs and customer ratings.
  7. To satisfy the client you have to provide multiple images of the clothes from different angles.


Any modern tool and technology set used for developing the Online Boutique using any Database





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