Project Domain / Category

Web based Application


“Online Air-Travelling Reservation System” is web-based application that offers services to reserve airline ticket from given source and destination locations. After reservation customers will collect the tickets from customer care office.

Stakeholder 1. Administrator 2. Front Desk Officer 3. Buyer

Functional Requirements:


  1. User can view the information about fares, source and destination locations and airline flight plans.
  2. To reserve a ticket, user first will register him/herself. After registration, a user now promoted as potential buyer in this system.
  3. A buyer can reserve a ticket online. After reservation customer will collect the ticket from customer care office.
  4. After collecting tickets from office, the front desk officer sets his ticket status as “Ticket Received”.
  5. To cancel a ticket, a buyer would have to visit the office and ask for ticket cancellation. (This system can be improved latter for online ticket cancellation and refunds).


  1. Updates airline schedule, ticket fares, and related information
  2. Manages buyers and front desk officers’ accounts
  3. Generates reports from system
  4. Performs system related activities

Front Desk Officer:

  1. Views and verify the buyer info
  2. Issues the tickets to the buyers and take the receiving from buyer
  3. Sets the status of buyer to “Ticket Delivered”

[NOTE:  Student can add/enhance requirements as per needed.]


WAMP server, PHP, MySQL, HTML editors (Dream viewer, Notepad++).

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