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 Web Based Application 


Online Advertising is a form of marketing, used for advertising the goods and services using Internet. Due to key benefits of Online Advertising such as low cost as compared to offline advertisement, global scope of advertisement and rapidity, this is becoming a key interest of the sellers / service providers and the buyers / clients. People now can sale anything from like mobiles, home appliances, clothing, furniture, computers / laptops, electronic accessories, cars and property etc. through online advertising websites. So, the purpose of this project is to develop effective Online Advertising Website providing advertising facilities and underlying benefits of online advertising.

Functional Requirements

: Following are the key functional requirements of proposed Project:

  1. Sign In and User Registration

There will be three types of users of the website: o Unregistered User o Registered User o Administrator

Unregistered user can visit the web pages and can search for advertisements (Ads) through different filters.  Registered user can post Ads on web page and can perform Ad management related tasks. Administrator will be the user of website having all the rights of Ad management as well as user management. There will be Sign In interface for registered users and Registration interface for unregistered users.

  1. Email Notification: An unregistered user will register him/her. On filling the registration form an email notification will be sent to the user for confirmation.
  2. Email verification / confirmation will be done by the user who applied for registration.
  3. There will be interactive forum / interface for ad posting.
  4. Ad posted by the user will be verified by the Administrator.
  5. The website will allow maximum four pictures against one Ad.
  6. There will be run time generation of Ad pictures.
  7. There will be an interactive user panel for Ad management
  8. There will be a separate interactive Admin Panel for Ad verification, Ad management and user Account Management.
  9. There will be rich search facility through different filters.


Microsoft.Net, SQL Server Java, HTML, PHP, MySQL

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