Old Exam Repository and Quiz (Mobile APP) 

Project Domain / Category

 Academic Mobile Application  


Old Exam Repository is the unique mobile app that offers services through which students can get old annual exam papers of all Education Boards of Punjab and Quizzes.

Functional Requirements:

Through Old Exam Repository and Quiz, Students of any level can get Preparation Level for any test or exam like old exams of last five years and quiz. After clearing all of quizzes, Student will be able to pass exam with extremely good grades. In this mobile application, Students will choose only one class/grade from 5th, 8th, 9th, 10th and intermediate subjects or Entry Tests like Engineering, Medical and NTS for mobile app development. The candidates who are going to attempt a competitive exam can also prepare for their compulsory subjects through this Mobile app.


Apart from this, complete guidance and online preparation tests for Professional Fields or Entry Tests like Engineering, Medical and NTS are also available in this application. Note; The scope of this application is very large. Each group will develop single module as mentioned earlier.


Android Studio






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