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Game Programming

Abstract / Introduction

Maze Game is an AUSTRALIA-based game inspired by the ASHCOMBE MAZE. Well over 1,000 Monterey cypress trees provide the peculiar soft textures of Australia’s Ashcombe Maze, which are carefully trimmed many times a year (each trimming session lasts an entire month).

The maze is divided into two sections, each with its own layout, and there are no straight lines whatsoever. The grounds also include a lavender labyrinth made up of over 4000 lavender plants, which seems like one of the most soothing places to get lost in the world.

maze game image
Maze Game Picture

As a game creator, you must now create a 3D setting similar to ASHCOMBE MAZE, in which a player can navigate a maze filled with lovely trees and gardens. The overall feel of the project should be that of a relaxing natural setting.

Functional Requirements:

Following requirements must be fulfilled:

  1. Right at the start of the game, the player can also choose his favourite maze.
  2. While travelling through the maze, the player can verify the maze path on the map displayed in the game’s corner. The map must be updated with the current player’s location on a regular basis.
  3. To shatter the records, the player must complete the path rapidly.
  4. If the player becomes disoriented for more than 30 seconds, the clue path should be given, resulting in a negative score.
  5. You can add complexity to levels by introducing animals from all throughout the maze. To keep moving on, the player can kill them.
  6. Beasts can also kill the player, bringing the game to a close.


Unity 3D (any latest version)

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