Location Tracker of School Bus
Location Tracker of School Bus

Project Domain / Category

Mobile Application (Android) and Web Application

Abstract / Introduction

The purpose of the school bus monitoring system is to track the whereabouts of the bus where the children board. This system will function as a hybrid of web and Android applications. The android application will be used by the driver, while the web application will be used by the admin and parents. On the parent side, parents will be able to check their child’s travel details and whereabouts, while administrators will be able to track the location of his driver in order to obtain information about his attendance.

The system allows the administrator to enroll a student and assign a system-generated password to the student, which is subsequently emailed to the parent, allowing the parent to track and find the bus. The system allows the administrator to add a driver and keep track of his movements and attendance in a database. The bus driver must log into his account as soon as he begins his shift using the credentials provided by admin, which include his phone number and password. Every 5 minutes, the GPS coordinates will be sent to the server. When the driver’s shift is through, he can log out of the app and wind down for the day, which will aid the admin in keeping track of his hours and attendance. The parent can keep track of his or her child(ren) and provide input to the administrator.

Functional Requirements:


• Add a Driver: The Admin will do so.
• Add Student: The Admin can add a student, and his information as well as a system-generated password will be sent to the parent’s email address.
• View Parent Feedback: The Admin has access to the parent feedback.
• View Bus Details: The Admin has access to the bus details and can also change them.
• Parent Login: The Parent can log into the system using the password supplied to his or her email address.
• Locate and track the bus: The parent can find and track the bus’s movements.
• Parental Feedback: The Parent can provide feedback on the service, as well as any complaints or ideas.
• Change Password: The Parent can change the password because the system generates a password that is difficult to remember.

• Forgotten Password: If a parent forgets their password, they can enter an email address and have it reset.

• Login/Logout: The driver must log into the app, and the GPS coordinates are communicated to the server during these events.

• Keep the app running: The driver must keep the app running till his duty is completed, as the app sends GPS coordinates every 5 minutes.


• Visual Studio • Microsoft SQL Server • Android SDK • Windows XP, Windows 7

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